In the battle of the Adriatic Sea, sand wins out.

Croatia and Greece are undoubtedly very different European destinations, both with incredible natural landscapes, deep culture and stunning coastlines. It can be challenging choosing which comes out on top, but we’ve compared the two to help make your sailing adventure this summer a little easier. Both are popular when it comes to sailing holidays. Croatia offers culture, sunshine and unique architecture. With Greece having all that plus crystal clear waters, delicious cuisine and pristine beaches, where will your summer take you?

Sailing in Croatia

 Made up of over 1,000 islands, Croatia is a country rich in history. With Venetian style buildings and seafood galore, you will end up one cultured sailor. With many smaller islands completely uninhabited, it’s easy to find your very own Eden here.

Croatia does not have an exclusive party destination island, such as Mykonos but Hvar is still a lively place to be with a harbor full of luxury yachts. A trip to Croatia provides breathtaking sunsets at Santorini, adventurous water sports at Los and some of the hottest music festival in Europe.

Croatia is fast developing into the beach festival capital of the Dalmatian coast. Be warned, Croatia isn’t known for it’s sandy beaches, so a sun lounger is a must.

Sailing In Greece

 Greece is known for its sailing prestige, and it is prestigious for a reason. When you think of touring around the med, most people think of island hopping around Greece’s delightful islands. Steeped in years of history and culture, the scope of variety that comes with the sheer volume of Islands Greece has to offer makes for a once in a lifetime experience.

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