With ThaIntro, you can experience the very best of what Thailand has to offer in just seven days. Their package tour won’t leave you feeling like you’re with a Magaluf tour group, and will see you take in the sights of Bangkok, Koh Phangan and the stunning Khao Sok National Park.

Tom Ranford’s Thaintro Review 

We speak to traveller Tom Ranford who decided to book on to a ThaIntro trip after previously completing his introduction to Australia with OzIntro. “I decided to travel to Thailand for the beaches, tropical islands, and the famous nightlife.” Says Tom, who also found out about the fabulous itinerary through the ThaIntro Facebook page and reading rave reviews.

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Admittedly not doing too much research before heading off, Tom notes how helpful it was to have everything planned out for him ahead of his travels, “They helped sort and plan all aspects of my trip. I was surprised actually how much they did! From the time I booked until after my ThaIntro week they were there to help with everything!” During his trip, Tom took in everything from the nightlife of Bangkok to the tranquillity of Khao Sok National Park, recalling the trip, “We visited temples, partied in Bangkok, had a cooking class, slept in floating bungalows, played with elephants, had a Thai massage and visited amazing beaches. The highlight was definitely the elephants and Khao Sok National Park. Amazing!”

Pinning the experience of Khao Sok as the highlight, Tom enthuses, “ My favourite part was probably Khao Sok, sleeping on the floating bungalows in the middle of a pristine rainforest was an absolutely amazing experience! It has to be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been too.”

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Tom notes that their guide was extremely knowledgeable on Thailand, and how he was asked if he had any preferences or special requirements of his trip, as well as being asked as to what his plans were after the ThaIntro week, “I travelled around the rest of south east Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia). I did two of ThaIntro’s add-on trips. One was to Koh Phi Phi where we slept overnight on the famous ‘beach!’ one of the most awesome nights of my life! And then up to Chiang Mai for their trip up there. We stayed overnight with hill tribes, did jungle zip lining (epic) and went to an amazing elephant sanctuary. Taking an elephant bareback through the jungle and washing it under a waterfall!”

Having really made an impact on his travels and allowing him to get his bearings before heading off on his tour of South East Asia, Tom found the trip a great way to make friends and travel buddies, “It was so awesome to have a group of people to share the trip with and party with! Made friends for life and still travelling with a bunch of them now!”

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