With resident communities of pilot whales and dolphins and 24 species of marine life migrating through its waters at different times of the year, Tenerife is much more than just sand and sangria, and provides one of the most valuable travel experiences in Spain if not the world.

The largest of the seven Canary Islands is one of the best dolphin and whale watching destinations in the world, and the Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation project with Frontier offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the fascinating creatures that live in and pass through the waters by working alongside them. With hands-on contribution towards conservation, you can actively help vulnerable and threatened whales and dolphins in the wild, all while exploring beautiful Tenerife.

whale tail in tenerife

As an important member of the conservation team, activities you can expect to be doing on the Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation project include taking photographs of the whales, identifying the whales from the photographs, observing interaction behaviour, entering data into the database, and acting as a guide for visitors on whale watching boat trips. After some initial training, you could join the whale watching boats up to five times a week.

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While the conservation effort is the focus of the trip, being in a place like Tenerife, you also have spare time to enjoy the many attractions of the island. From a live volcano to picturesque villages and scuba diving sites to a buzzing nightlife, there are many things to do and places to see when you’re not out at sea or in the research centre. To help you get as much as possible during your time, you can organise additional activities when you book onto the Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation project with Frontier.

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With so much to do both as part of the project and away, you can choose the number of weeks that are right for you, at a minimum of one week for just £300pp, all the way up to 10 weeks and beyond for £1,900pp. Included in the price is accommodation in a volunteer house, two meals a day Monday – Friday, training, emergency support, travel advice, a discounted medical kit and a Frontier t-shirt.

If travel to you is gaining valuable experience in a beautiful part of the world, the Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation project might be just what you’re looking for.

For more information and to apply, visit the Tenerife Whales & Dolphin Conservation project page here.

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