Sao Paulo is one of the world’s most eclectic mega cities. From museums to art galleries, bars to restaurants, the city is a dizzying mix of cultural lifestyles. Come and see for yourself why this is one of the greatest metropolises on earth.

There are some incredible itineraries on offer with SaoPaulo4U’s cultural tours. Check out the city’s best art from the clean, air-conditioned comfort of their high-end art galleries, to the city’s street art where you traverse alleyways finding all sorts of graffiti down back alleys and on building facades. Sao Paulo is also a melting pot of architecture. Skyscrapers, old colonial buildings, bridges, parks and a plethora of other old and newly designed buildings and monuments fill the city, so a tour learning more about the city’s buildings could be just for you. Don’t forget to end your day with a great night out Sao Paulo style. Hit some of their many restaurants, bars or clubs or enjoy a live Brazilian music show before hitting the sack.

Urban experiences are what Sao Paulo is all about. SaoPaulo4U’s city tours include capoeira lessons, trying traditional cocktails, visiting the city’s vibrant arts, fashion, music, theatre and music scenes, as well as a tour which combines the likes of football, religion, art and cuisine! You could also be venturing into the city’s favelas to its verdant parklands – experiencing a city of contrasts.

A scenic city tour of Sao Paulo is a great way to see its urban parks, iconic historical monuments and revolutionary modern architecture. An even better way to see the skyline is in a helicopter, getting a panoramic view of this lively city. If you like the idea of being up in the air but think a helicopter is a bit too fancy, then hop on an air balloon and see the city at a more leisurely place where you’re one with the elements, feeling the wind in your hair as you sip on a drink watching the world of Sao Paulo go by.

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