Famous for its Himalayan tapestry, Nepal is a country that is rich in wildlife, biodiversity and natural elements. Nepal is a landlocked country in the South Asia, Nepal borders North in China and south, east and west in the India. The largest sovereign Himalayan state, Nepal has a diverse geography that includes fertile plains, forested hills and beautiful mountain peaks. Eight of the ten tallest mountain peaks in the world lay in Nepal, including Mount Everest- the highest peak on the planet. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu which is the largest city of Nepal.

A multiethnic, multi-lingual and multi-racial nation, Nepal is a country that is brimming with diversity in all aspects. Nepal is the Hindu country, and Nepal is also the land where Lord Buddha was born. With parts of northern Nepal intertwined with Tibetan culture, Nepal’s capital Kathmandu was the seat of the prosperous Newar confederacy known as Nepal Mandala. The art and architecture of the country is also very unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Nepal was the last country that had a reigning Hindu monarchy, which ended in 2008. Commonly divided into three geographical divisions, Nepal has fertile plane lands in the south, isolated valleys situated snugly among forested hills situated between the southern plains and northern Himalayas and beautiful mountain peaks towards the northern side.  With such diversity in landscape and terrain, culture and religion, there are many things one can do in the country. Here are the top 7 best things to do in Nepal-

1. Mountain Trekking

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the most famous adventure activity to do in the country. Trekking is an ordeal that lets travelers experience the country’s culture as well as the amazing landscape. Going through the villages and the Himalayan trail, trekkers can experience authentic Nepali tradition in the isolated mountain villages and can see sights of majestic mountains. The breath-taking views of the Himalayan peaks are utterly beguiling. The winding terrains, the coruscating rivers with their ebullient flow and various mountain lakes and glaciers make the trekking journey even more beautiful. Famous region in Nepal for trekking include the Everest region, the region of Annapurna, Mustang, Manaslu and the Langtang region. Each of the region present their own unique features and characteristics while trekking. Besides these, there are many other regions as well. In the Everest region, trekkers can journey up to the base camp of Everest and go through mountain villages like Namche Bazaar, Dingboche and the Sagarmatha National Park. The trails are often lined and decorated beautifully with rhododendron flowers and trekkers are required to cross the white waters of the rivers on wooden bridges. Not only have that, the cultural aspect of the regions also come into play while trekking. Gumbas and chaityas can be found at various places, decorated with colorful prayer flags. In the Annapurna region- the vantage point of Poon hill presents magnificent views of the Annapurna Mountains and thousands of trekkers go there early in the morning to look at the gorgeous phenomenon of the rising sun changing the color of the mountains from white to a cascade of molten gold and burning ember. Monasteries can be visited and the Buddhist tradition can be observed in close proximity while trekking, making for a winsome vacation.

2. Short Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get close to nature and to get a break from the everyday life at the city. Near Kathmandu alone, there are many vantage points where people can hike to look at amazing views of the mountains. Vantage points of Nagarkot, Daman, Chisapani, Sarangkot and others provide good views of the valleys below as well as the sight of the mountains. The pristine natural environments of the hiking destinations are a refreshing change from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. Hiking in Nepal is also a great option for people who have a limited amount of time to spend here. Just a few miles out of Kathmandu- the landscape and the environment changes from the tall buildings and cars of the city to lush woods and high grounds, from where the views of distant mountain are glorious. Hiking trips can be done by anybody and it is a great way to know about the land. The beautiful natural environments are tranquil and peaceful, making for a marvelous hiking trip.

3. Peak Climbing and Mountaineering

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing is a more extreme form of trekking that provides way more thrill to mountaineers. Nepal has many climbable peaks that are visited by hundreds of mountaineers every year. Famous Climbing Peaks include the Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche Peak and the Pisang Peak among many others. Peak Climbing involves the use of mountaineering equipments like crampons, ice axes and ropes. Climbing all the way to the summit of the peaks is an adventure that rewards its undertakers with absolutely phenomenal views of the mountain terrain and a heaven-like snowy landscape of the Himal. Peak Climbing also takes mountaineers through villages and lets them enjoy the journey filled with perplexing sights of nature.

4. Wild Life Adventures

Elephant riding

The wild life diversity of Nepal is one of its major characteristics. With ten national parks and numerous protected areas, Nepal’s wild life diversity makes up much of the tourism sector of the country. The national parks of the country include mountain peaks, lakes, glaciers and the floral and faunal life. Travelers can encounter elusive Snow-Leopards, Red Pandas, the Musk Deer and Langur monkeys while excursing the woodlands on elephant backs. Higher elevations also include the Himalayan Thar- a mountain goat-like creature that occupies alpine woods of the country. Martens and Himalayan Black Bears also inhabit the lush forests. Endangered species of animals like one-horned rhinoceroses and Royal Bengal Tigers can be viewed while on adventure in the national parks. The rivers of certain parks also contain mugger crocodiles and a wide myriad of reptiles and amphibians. Ethnic villages also occupy certain areas of the park and people can experience traditional dances and folk music while on the excursion as well. It is a great way to be close to nature and to experience Nepal’s rich natural aspects.   

5. Cultural Tours

Temple in Nepal

The Kathmandu valley along has three major ancient cities that have many old temples and buildings remaining from the medieval times. Since Nepal has a rich history that includes battles between territories, mythical beasts and tales of kings and demons, the buildings and temples of ancient times reflect Nepal’s dexterity brilliantly. The three ancient cities of the valley include Kathmandu city, Patan and Bhaktapur that each have their own Durbar Squares, courtyards and temples. The old Durbar squares of the cities include palaces of old Malla kings and the temples are intricately decorated with woodwork, metal-work and scriptures. The articulate designs of the temples and the amount of stone, wood and metal masonry that went into the buildings truly reflects the artistic talents of the ancient people. The temples and old buildings are also designed in a unique architectural form, like the pagoda style, the shikhara style and the Gumba style. Cultural tours also include visiting holy sites like the famous Pashupatinath temple, the Bouddhanath Stupa and the Swayambhunath stupa, each of which have their own lore and myths. The temples gather thousands of pilgrims from all parts of the world and are religiously significant to people.

6. White-Water Rafting in Nepal

White-Water Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is the second largest country in terms of water resources. Thousands of rivers and tributaries flow through the country, fed by the melting snow of the Himalayas and glaciers. The fast flowing rivers of the country are famous for white water rafting. It is a thrilling adventure that involves riding on rafts going through white waters that flow with energy and grace. Some famous rivers for rafting include Sun Koshi, Trisuli River Rafting the Bhote Koshi and the Kali Gandaki River among many others.

7. Adventures Sports  

Adventure sports in Nepal

Nepal is also famous for Bungee jumps, Paragliding and Rock Climbing. Pokhara is a famous city that caters to adventure tourism. Also called the lake-side city, Pokhara is famous for its Fewa Lake where the water’s surface reflects the sight of the Machhapuchhre Mountain. Boating on the lake is quite popular as the pristine waters of the lake are beautiful and other-worldly. Bungee jumping from suspension bridges into the chasm below is something that is sure to stick out in one’s memory. Rock climbing on the beautiful terrain of Nepal’s woods is very beautiful.