Chaotic Bangkok…

Bangkok is a feast of culture, entertainment and discovery – a vibrant and exuberant city where high-rise buildings, shopping malls, restaurants and nightclubs stand side by side with palaces, historic temples and ancient shrines.

From the magnificent Temple of the Gold Reclining Buddha and The Grand Palace, to peaceful hidden shrines, the city is dotted with over 400 Buddhist temples – and history lives on in centuries-old traditions, which continue against the dazzling, 21st century backdrop.

Markets provide a quintessential Thai shopping experience. You can hunt for bargains at the biggest market in the world – the amazing 15,000-stall Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Or party every night at the famous backpacker strip of bars, makets and nightclubs known as Khao San Road. Wander through the sophisticated Suan Lum Night Bazaar or take a boat trip to the Floating Markets just outside the city.

Whatever your interests, Bangkok provides a fascinating insight into the history, culture and nature of Thailand and its people.

Stunning Beaches…

Thailand’s breathtakingly beautiful coastline has 2,500 km of pristine beaches, sheltered bays, secluded coves and tropical islands. Each location has its own distinct character – and it won’t take you long to find paradise!

The southern islands Koh Phangan and Koh Samui are home to some of the world’s finest beaches as well as fantastic accommodation and internationally-renowned resorts and beach parties. Other popular destinations include Phang – Nga Bay, where limestone crags rise hundreds of meters from the sea, and James Bond Island, where ‘paddling guides’ can take you kayaking through mysterious sea caves to tranquil, hidden lagoons.

Nature Escape…

There’s a lot more to Thailand than beautiful beaches – it’s full of opportunities to enjoy nature at her breathtaking best.

Stunning mountains, forests, jungles, rivers and waterfalls are all surprisingly accessible, even in the remote hill country of the north. In Chiang Mai, teak forests, jungle-covered peaks and secret valleys are still home to semi-nomadic and independent hill tribes. And it’s here you can ride elephants through the jungle, go bamboo rafting down winding rivers or trek through beautiful mountains.

Thailand has over 48 national parks, spread throughout the land. Most famous is the magnificent Khao Yai National Park, northeast of Bangkok – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the most luscious greenery in the Kingdom. Here, bears, tigers, elephants, monkeys, deer, birds and butterflies are just some of the protected species.

thai palaceArt and Culture…

Thailand is famous for it’s art and culture. From stunning architecture and temples, to arts & crafts, to world-famous food it’ll be a delight to your senses!

One of Thailand’s six UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the Sukhothai National Park, and is a must for any visitors. And there’s the old capital – Ayutthaya. Where you can explore the remains of its glorious past on the back of a bike or even an elephant.