Things to do in Darwin in January

January in Darwin. For all those who know better, rain is probably the only thing that comes to mind. January is the wettest month in Darwin. Being the regions monsoon season humidity is very high and whenever you do get a sneak peek of the sun, temperatures can go between 24.7 – 32 °C (76.5 – 89.6°F). So prepare for some intense exfoliation!

Things to do in Darwin in January enjoy the Scenic beauty unique to January

Although the dry season is the preferred choice in terms of comfort, if you want a backdrop worthy of awe, the wet season is without a doubt your winner! So if you find yourself in Darwin during January your camera would be pretty busy for the verdant lush green around you can make a simple drive to the supermarket an artistic experience.

Things to do in Darwin in January enjoying the tropical of the Rain

Whenever it does decide to pour, don’t let the rain get you down. Get into your comfy cottons and bask in the sound of the steady downpour and the sight of the mighty thunderheads painting the skies in grey. There is a sense of tranquility associated with a gloomy day and Darwin at this time offers you serenity wrapped in a bow.

Things to do in Darwin in January visit Litchfield

Unless a Monsoon trough has set in you will still be able to enjoy the sun every now and then. So keep an eye on the forecast and maximize on your sunny days. Don’t miss out on Litchfield for the waterfalls are far richer during this time and there are plenty of swimming opportunities available as well.

Things to do in Darwin in January see the Wildlife

The wet season also enjoys the added advantage of the being the least crowded time of the year. So you have a far better chance when it comes to sighting the inhabitants of the wildlife parks. As long as the forecast is favorable, make a trip to the wildlife parks. It is very rewarding at this time of the year.

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