Providing retreats in Bali, Kangaroo Valley, Byron Bay, and recently-announced India, The Yoga Travel Company is for those that want to immerse themselves in the yoga experience. But be warned, this is not a holiday.

While all activities are optional and depend on the retreat, a typical day can consist of getting up at 5am, doing silent meditation for 45 minutes, followed by breathing exercises for 45 minutes and a buffet breakfast in silence. While this may sound bizarre, just imagine having blissful silence for half a day, grabbing a plate of fruit and sitting under a tree in beautiful surroundings… If you really want a double shot flat white coffee, the Balinese staff have writing pads for you to write your order, and will bring it out to you.

woman lying by pool

After breakfast, you can rest until 9.30am, then take part in vigorous physical Vinyasa yoga practice, break for a vegetarian-based lunch, rest until 4pm, and enjoy a satsang, translated to “truth speak”, where you can ask your teacher questions on yoga, meditation and mindfulness, that you don’t usually get the time for in a regular yoga class. In the late afternoon, you can cool down with a restorative Hatha yoga class and long, slow, deep relaxation. The Yoga Travel Company chooses these types of yoga because they are traditional, and encourage the spirit of self-enquiry in order to arrive at a quiet and calm space. About three to four days into the retreat, a call and response devotional chant may be introduced
with a guitar, harmonium and tabla, in order to immerse yourself further into the music and yoga until your outer self falls away.

incense and candle in a yoga retreat

The locations of each retreat have been chosen to compliment The Yoga Travel Company’s philosophy. The Kangaroo Valley retreat is more focused on food and meditation, about two to three hours from the coast of New South Wales. The Byron Bay retreat is perfect for new people in Australia looking to make friends in one of the must-see destinations of Australia. The Bali retreat is aimed at advanced yogis, so much so that they are cherry picked or have to apply to go. And for those that want to go the distance and immerse themselves in the true yoga experience, there’s the new retreat in India. The yoga teachers – or
professional educators – of The Yoga Travel Company were sent out to India last year to find the perfect spot, and the aim is to find the next exotic location during the first retreat.

Join The Yoga Travel Company on their Byron Bay Retreat 15th – 20th October 2015 for $1,500pp in shared occupancy or $1,750pp in single occupancy. Or, join them in India 8th – 18th November 2015 for $2,250pp in shared occupancy or $2,700pp in single occupancy.

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