Free and Easy Traveler’s adventures emphasise the importance and beauty of spontaneous travel – feeling free and taking life easy is their core ethos and exactly what backpacking should be all about.  On board their spectacular 20-day Beaches Beyond Beautiful  tour, this philosophy is exactly what you can expect as you leisurely sail the Aegean Sea, visiting 5 of Greece’s paradise islands. 

The tour begins in the ancient city of Athens. The birthplace of Western culture and a metropolis steeped in mythological heritage – Athens is the ultimate destination to begin your Grecian odyssey. Get to know the city and soak in the history on walking tour and explore the iconic Acropolis and the Pantheon before heading to the port and venturing south to the paradise Greek Islands.


After getting to know your fellow travellers in the capital, you’ll head to Santorini – an island of unparalleled natural beauty. On Santorini, classical Grecian white-walled buildings nestle on its blackened volcanic cliffs and provide a striking setting for some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets.  Enjoy a walk down the winding alleyways that make up a web of cobbled streets and discover the striking red and black sandy beaches. On board the tour you will hike the impressive volcano and reach the highest point in Santorini for incredible vistas of the island in its entireity. Spend a day relaxing on board your own boat and explore the island’s bays. A bus tour of the island is also included, as well as a wine tasting at a local vineyard. After 3 days of some serious beach time, it’s off to Ios, where the Free and Easy adventure continues.


Ios is only accessibly by boat, but despite its isolated location, the island is a backpacker hot spot. The island has some of the best nightlife in Europe, and every year party-goers flock to this clubbing mecca for its epic nightlife in a stunning setting. By day, enjoy the vast stretches of beach and the calm waters of the Aegean Sea that lap lazily on the shore. The island is also a hot spot for water sports, so be sure to take advantage of the abundance on offer (unless of course the hangover renders you bound to your sun-bed!)


After soaking up the sun on Ios, it’s onwards to the dreamy landscape of Crete which makes for a welcome break from the party lifestyle on Ios. Explore the ancient village of Plakias on the south coast of the island and hike the ancient paths to hidden caves and bays that pirates once used to stash their gold and valuables. There is also the opportunity on Crete to discover the unique underwater world of the Aegean Sea with some diving with professionals. You will also get the chance to explore the ruins of the palace of Knossos – one of the earliest cities in Europe before heading to Rhodes.


The island of Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and abounds in beaches, verdant valleys and historical antiquities. Whilst it is the ultimate spot for the history buffs amongst you, the island strikes a fantastic balance between the old and new with a plethora of opportunities and activities such as sampling the local bars and shopping at its bustling markets. Discover the length and breadth of the island on a bus trip that takes you from the Old City to Prasonisi Beach and enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches before heading back to the mainland after what’s sure to be an incredible Free and Easy adventure.

If you like the sound of this Grecian adventure, head to where you can book your spot for $2390.