If you have never been to Mykonos, then you might not know that this island has a lot to offer. Located in the Aegean sea, this island is part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands and is full of sun, great food and lot of exciting activities. Here, we are going to talk you through some of the top things to do in Mykonos in 2019. Keep reading to find out more about this.  

The Top Things To Do In Mykonos In 2019

Visit Little Venice

In Little Venice, you’ll find some very famous windmills that appear in a lot of photographs of Mykonos. The reason why this location is called Little Venice is because it looks just like Venice that is located in Italy. In Little Venice, you’ll find plenty of different bars and restaurants where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Relax In A Villa

If you are heading off to Mykonos for a nice relaxing holiday, then you’ll need to rent a villa. The Villas in Mykonos by BlueVillas are really beautiful, and you will love being able to have your own space. Think about how much you would love sitting around your own private pool while a personal chef cooks your lunch for you.

Visit The Mykonos Folklore Museum

Make sure to check out the Mykonos Folklore Museum where you’ll find a huge collection of ship models, measures and stations and other important historical items. This is a really interesting museum and you will get a real glimpse into the history of Mykonos and ancient Greece if you take some time to visit this museum.

Party At Tropicana Mykonos Club

In Mykonos, there are plenty of clubs and bars that you can party in and these are not to be missed. Make sure to head to Paradise Beach where you’ll find Tropicana Mykonos club which has some amazing music and fun. This beach bar has a lot to offer and you will love relaxing there with a nice drink in your hand.

Visit the Panagia Paraportiani

For those interested in seeing the sights in Mykonos, make sure to visit one of the most important religious and architectural monuments that you will find. You’ll need to head to the capital of the island to see the Panagia Paraportiani but once you make the journey, you won’t regret it. Make sure to grab your camera so that you can get the perfect shot of this amazing building with the beautiful sea in the background.

Relax At The Beach

If you are planning on heading to Mykonos in 2019 then you should make sure that you visit some of the amazing beaches that it has to offer. At the beaches, you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants as well as sunbeds that you can use to lounge on in the hot weather. If this is not exciting enough for you then you’ll love trying out some of the water sports that are on offer along the beaches. Makes sure not to just stay at your private pool all day – visit the beach and you won’t be disappointed.

Head To Delos Island

Another great sight to see in Mykonos is Delos island where you’ll find some amazing ancient Greek ruins. You can easily get a boat to this island and it should only cost you around 18 euros. This is a really interesting sight to see, as you’ll be able to see where some of the Greek gyms, theatres and private homes were based and still stand to this day.

Visit An Authentic Greek Restaurant

A trip to Mykonos would not be complete without dining in a nice authentic Greek restaurant. You might find that you need to get past all of the tourist targeted restaurants to find the authentic ones but when you do, you’ll find something special. Greek food is known worldwide for its incredible flavours so don’t miss out on this. If you are struggling to find somewhere then don’t be afraid to ask the locals for directions and some recommendations. They should be happy enough to help you with this.

Final Verdict

If you are planning on visiting Mykonos is 2019 then you should make sure that you get around to doing everything on our list. You will love seeing all of the amazing Greek architecture and sights as you go on tours of Delos Island. You should also make sure that you stay in a villa while you are there to give yourself some proper relaxation time in the hot weather. Don’t miss out on getting to taste some authentic Greek food and make sure that you try out some of the clubs and bars along the beach. Head to Mykonos in 2019 and you are sure to have a great time.