With a brand new album recorded for 2017 release, Talk In Colour’s latest single offering ‘Roses’ puts them at the leading edge of the UK’s progressive pop scene. With electronic bass throbbing over live drums, the London group create mesmeric polyrhythms, underpinning swirling guitar and cascading harp. Considered and compelling, Mary Erskine’s vocals describe thoughtful and expansive ideas that reveal more and more with every listen, adding nuance and narrative to rich arrangements.

With each member approaching composition and texture in their own unique way, blending backgrounds of experimental improvisation, folk & film; Talk In Colour are a post-pop group in every sense of the word.

It’s a wild coming together of processes and passions fused with a celebration of past and future soundscapes.

This first single from the forthcoming album sets the tone of the group’s new material, with a striking synergy of clarity and depth. At it’s core, ‘Roses’ is a simple song about relationships ….
Far from being black and white, the track is both uplifting as well as defiant, and one of Mary’s strengths is to outline situations and imagery without ever telling the listener what to make of it all.
The video for Roses to be released next week was shot in and around Epping Forest, Talk in Colour detail, “It’s a song about the moment of realising that you’ve just let someone dump their shit on you! We didn’t have much of a plan and shot the whole thing over a couple of hours. Sometimes something as simple as a colour can tie everything together. Maybe we wanted to reflect the idea that any song is just a bunch of thoughts bouncing around in someones head in a big crazy world, so focused on Mary within big and small spaces. The track itself is very fluid and expansive, so messing around with drone shots worked great!”
With hotly tipped ‘Ones To Watch’ acclaim from the likes of Lauren Leverne and Tom Robinson alongside BBC live sessions and festival slots up far and wide, the band are forging the way to forefront of 2017’s best new artists.
Talk In Colour’s forthcoming single ‘Roses’ is released on Monday 5th June with single launch gig on Wednesday 21st June at Archspace with support from DYVR & Milo Fitzpatrick.
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WHAT: Talk in Colour single launch party with support: DYVR & Milo Fitzpatrick
WHEN: Wednesday 21st June
TIME: 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM
WHERE: Archspace // Arches 339-340 Acton Mews London E8 4EA
PRICE: £5.00 – £7.50