There’s no denying that Ibiza is year-on-year the place to head to during summer in Europe. And there’s no guesses why. Perfect weather, mesmerising mountains and a sea so blue you’d think someone had dipped their pen it.

To better your experience of Ibiza even more, stay in the Stoke Hippie Camp. Open 15th June – 30th September, it’s €25 per night if you just want the bed, but for just €60 per night, you get all-inclusive for a minimum of two nights. Located by the sea, you’ll be sleeping in sleeping bags and tents on top of air mattresses for that little bit of extra comfort. For those that go for the all-inclusive option, breakfast and lunch is included each day, with lunches available to take to the beach! There’s also open bar access for unlimited beer and sangria at €10 per day. Oh, and there are tonnes of included activities like snorkelling, yoga, football, volleyball, cliff jumping, discounted entry into clubs and a tour of the markets.

people in hammocks one on top of another

You can combine your stay at the Stoke Hippie Camp with La Tomatina, an outrageous food fight in Bunol, just outside of Valencia. Two nights at the La Tomatina camp, participating in the festival food fight, and then three nights in Ibiza at the Stoke Hippee Camp makes for a pretty wild and unforgettable week!

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