Let me introduce to you Oktoberfest’s little sister. Her name is Springfest, or in German, Fruhlingsfest.

She’s a flower-garlanded, busty temptress. Think Snow White meets the goddess of fertility. Birds are chirping around her head, the sun is shining on her golden beer-hued hair and she is beckoning you into the beginning of another summer filled with festivals and fun. Now, Springfest may not be as popular as her older brother, but she’s certainly making a name for herself in the Bavarian Family. She has thousands, instead of millions of followers, her crowd is more local, with some token exchange student mates. Some might say she’s cooler, though, and way more chilled than her attention-seeking big bro. Here’s why…

Beer boys

Springfest definitely knows how to party. She’s the Friday evening gathering with some great mates, instead of a Saturday night at the club. Ditch the queues and spend your time downing steins instead. Despite having only three beer tents, compared to Oktoberfest’s fourteen, there is no shortage of fun to be had or pretzels to eat. She’s got a big thirst and you can join her at any and all of her favourite (and carefully selected) tents. Choose from Hippodrom, Munchner Weissbiergarten and Festhalle Bayernland.

Down steins in one of the three beer tents

Springfest has a local posse. If you want to meet some locals and swap life stories in the beer halls, Springfest is your girl. When Oktoberfest’s in town, the crowd is roughly 70% local and 30% tourist. But Springfest’s circle are still pretty surprised to see tourists and welcome them with open arms. What does this mean for you? A more authentic beer festival experience and less tourists getting sloshed and puking on your Lederhosen. Listen to the locals sing along to traditional Bavarian music, and pretend like you know the words too.

Beer girl

Springfest is a thrifty and savvy shopper and hosts the biggest flea market in all of Bavaria. You’ll be sure to pick up a bargain. Just make sure you’re not too boozy or you’ll find yourself with three lamps that you don’t need and an old t-shirt you’ll never wear. She can’t be blamed for your poor self-control.

Tourists are welcomed with open arms in this primarily local event

The coolest thing about Springfest is that she enjoys the little things and pays attention to details. Live music, fireworks, even a carousel that doubles as a bar are a few of the perks she’ll organise for you. If you like carnival rides when you’re sober, you’re going to love them after a couple of steins. Release your inner child. Giggle with glee as you’re being spun around on roller coasters with a belly full of beer. Don’t worry, it’s not as nauseating as it sounds. But if you don’t think your stomach can take it, there are plenty more options, from haunted houses and carousels to ferris wheels and pony rides. Don’t forget the largest portable slide in all of Europe.

Springfest has it all. The girl can host a party. Get to know her while she’s still only moderately famous and down-to-earth. Prost to Oktoberfest’s lil sis.

By Mattea Kearney


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