BBMLive’s Kemi Lawrence gives us her very own guide on how to spend 24 hours in Seminyak, Bali, should you find yourself on a stop off…

Stopping over on the way to Australia? Or sliding by on the start of your Bali adventure? Seminyak is one of the closest towns to the airport, and one of the easiest places to have the perfect day – offering dozens of flashy bars and villas. With so much to see and do, tourists can easily spend days exploring the glamourous side to Bali. But for those who are only here for 24 hours, here’s what we wouldn’t miss.

Where to Stay in Seminyak

For the best accommodation, Capsule Hostel is one of the most popular spots in Seminyak. Some would say it’s down to the cosy aluminous pods you sleep in; others would argue that it’s down to the social atmosphere. I however, believe that it’s all thanks to the awesome staff and the best bartender in Bali – Kadek, who’s spirit-to-mixer ratio knows no bounds. I don’t think the man has ever measured a shot in his life, so expect drinks three times the strength, and to get drunk extremely quickly. From only £7 a night, it’s no wonder Capsule was voted the number 1 hostel in Bali.

Other great accommodation options include:

  • £ M Hostel
  • ££ Le Jardin Villas
  • £££ W Hotel Seminyak

Getting Around – Transport in Seminyak

The streets of Seminyak are always jammed. It’s easy to get a taxi here, but it’s even easier to get ripped off. Stick to Bluebird Taxis that have a distinctive baby blue colour, and always use the meters for the cheapest and safest journey.

9AM – Shopping in Seminyak

After checking in, you’ll discover that Seminyak is sophisticated, sleek and surprisingly cheap. The luxury beach town is home to countless boutiques on every corner, that welcome you to island life. Kick off your morning by trying on bikinis and grab a new pair of sunnies. Explore playful prints at Mister Zimi, boho playsuits by Auguste Frank and Drifter for endless surf gear.

12PM – Potato Head Beach Club

Once you look the part, head down to the place on top of everyone’s Bali bucket-list – Potato Head Beach Club. Nested in a quieter part of Seminyak, this not-so-hidden gem features a fun swim-up bar in the infinity pool, and a bunch of day beds giving off a cool Palm Springs vibe. The place is free to roam and you could stay here all day, so tuck into one of their signature salads for lunch and soak up the midday sun.

3PM – Surfing in Seminyak

If you love the ocean, the afternoon is the perfect time to surf some waves. Head down to Kuta Beach (a short 10-minute drive) for a beginner’s lesson at Surf School Bali, or show them how it’s done if you’re a pro. But be sure to not get carried away and head off in the early evening if you want to catch a glimpse of the sunset over dinner at the beautiful Tanah Lot.

6PM – Tanah Lot

Located just under 30-minutes away, the 16th century Hindu temple was built in homage to the guardians of the sea, resembling a lush green bonsai garden, nested atop a rocky float. Bali is famous for its kaleidoscopic sunsets, blanketing the island in rays of gold each evening. The picturesque view is truly unmissable, so be sure to grab a delicious meal and a front row seat at Sunset Terrace as soon as the golden-hour hits. Fiery wisps of red and orange cast over the sky and bounce off the waves. The contrast between the dark ocean and the luminous sky make the horizon seem like a meeting of two worlds.

9PM – Nightlife in Seminyak

Once the sun sets and the night rises, you’ll find that heading out in Seminyak can go either one of two ways. The first is enjoying an ice-cold Bintang on a beanbag plonked on the beach. The Caribbean style bar/club, La Plancha splashes the coast with a riot of colours in the late evening, with bright seats set up to socialise with new friends. After sundown, take your toes out of the sand to enjoy the live music with a range of fruity cocktails.

Or land in club-favourite La Favela, a tropical dungeon filled with the craziest travellers on the island. With music ranging from steel drums to drum-and-base, each room offers something for everyone. The humid wonderland becomes a struggle to navigate once you’re drunk, so I strongly suggest holding onto your friends. Find one of the hidden rooms if you’re feeling adventurous, or dance until you see the sun again, welcoming in another new day in Seminyak.

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Images and words by Kemi Lawrence