Help Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles on Your Next Holiday Trip (10% off tour Deal)!

Leatherback turtles are fewer and fewer in numbers in spite of the fact that female leatherbacks may lay 60 to 120 eggs around four times per season (a phenomenon called arribada).

This is happening notably due to the fact that their eggs are collected to be sold and turtles often get caught in fisher nets. Certain subpopulations of leatherback turtles have been said to be critically endangered by large conservation organizations.  The U.S. Federal government has also listed the leatherback as endangered worldwide.

Though the future might seem grim for Leatherback sea turtles, important conservation efforts have been made in Africa and Central America – and you get be a part of it!

Our students get the chance to work with local biologists and with non-profits dedicated to making the sea turtles thrive again. If you want not only to help endangered species, but also to hold baby turtles in your hands and learn more about marine life, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

These efforts are essential to increasing the sea turtle population, considering that the most important nesting beaches in the Pacific are in Mexico and Costa Rica, with other important beaches found in Nicaragua, Panama and Guatemala.

Our students not only get the opportunity to participate in these incredible service projects, but also to discover Central America thanks to our local instructors.  You will also participate in activities such as scuba diving and ziplining!

We offer one Summer Expedition and Custom Programs that include service projects to protect endangered sea turtles. Register now and get 10% off your tuition fees for your adventure next summer! If you have any questions, contact our office and one of our staff members in Costa Rica will answer all your questions.

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