Make Santorini your summer holiday this year…

Looking for a summer getaway, then the Greek Island of Santorini could be just the place.

Famous for its vibrant blue doors and window frames the old town will transport you to another world away from the every day.

Did you know…

The modern name of Santorini comes from being named by the Latin Empire in the Thirteenth Century as Saint Irene, and that Santorini is a corruption of this?

Before then the island was known as Kalliste – meaning the most beautiful one, Strongyle – the circular one, or classically known as Thera!

Anyway, we digress, today this beautiful Greek Island is a hot spot for those on sailing holidays around the Greek Islands and is a fantastic place to take a break from the water.

view from santorini greece

Things to do in Santorini

Whilst visiting Santorini, you’ll find an abundance of fantastic nightlife, from bars to restaurants a night out in Santorini will certainly be one to remember. But it’s not just the famous Greek Island nightlife that attracts travellers from far and wide to Santorini’s shores. There are a number of attractions on the island that include the stunning Catholic cathedral – Ágios Ioánnis Pródromos, the Fira Museum, and even winery tours including the Santo Winery and Hatzidakis Winery.

But if beer is more your poison, you can visit , Santorini Brewing Company microbrewery (; who’s motto is “Hip Hoppy Kick-Ass Ale”.

Greek sunset

The Best Sunset In The World

It’s whilst in Santorini that you can witness one of the most stunning sunsets in the entire world at Oia. You may have seen the classic Santorini post card image, but it has to be experienced to be believed.

santorini red beach greece

Greek Islands Near Santorini

Being a Greek Island there are plenty of opportunities to go island hopping to the nearby Ios, Paros and Mykanos – and island hopping is also a fantastic way to make your way back to mainland – should that be your route home – as it allows you to extend your holiday just that little bit more.

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