Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls festival, San Fermin to the locals, is so much more than the dangerously exciting bull run. It’s a city-wide sangria-soaked street party, featuring live music, DJs, fireworks, food and plenty of Spanish good times. Stoke’s Running of the Bulls trip includes massive campsite parties, your stay in pre-erected twin share tents with mattress and sleeping bag, hot and hearty breakfast each morning, delicious dinner each evening, huge open-minded international crowd, Stoke chill out campsite, awesome guides to make your running with the bulls extra special and one hell of an unforgettable experience! Plus, for the second year running we’re also hosting the Stoked in the Park music and food festival.


The bull run itself is a confusing item on many people’s bucket list. The bulls are big, their horns are sharp and the streets are narrow. In a panic to avoid the bulls, your fellow runners will elbow you and run over the top of you. Chances are you’ll emerge from the bull run with a bruise or scratch, and there’s always the chance that something can really go wrong… which is what makes it so exhilarating! So much fun! A once in a lifetime experience, and something that we should try at least once.

But the bull run isn’t for everybody. It’s just five controversial minutes of each festival day. For the other 23 hours and 55 minutes, when the bulls aren’t running the city is raging, and the Pamplona party is for absolutely everybody. Street parties, clubs, bars and all kinds of restaurants seem to never stop. There are live bands and DJs in every city square, park and plaza. At night the fireworks go off, and you’ll be celebrating with absolute legends from Pamplona, across Spain and around the world. It really is one of the greatest parties there is. And Stoked in the Park just adds to that.


And we haven’t even mentioned Stoke Travel’s Bulls Campsite yet, many travellers’ favourite part of the festival. Our grassy, riverside, shaded campsite features swimming pools and plenty of space to chill out. You’ll meet hundreds of new open-minded international friends, and we’ll have the biggest party outside of Sanfermines. Live bands, DJs, sporting competitions and food and wine tasting are all onsite. We’ll also have your tent already erected within our campsite, your mattress rolled out and your sleeping bag at the ready. Our chef will be serving hot and tasty breakfasts each morning and hearty dinners each evening, so you’ll be set to dance your socks off through the night, all before running with bulls in the morning. And, as always, we have unlimited beer and sangria on offer for only €10 per day onsite.

PRICE: €60

Pamplona, Spain | 4th – 15th July

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