One Week In South-East Brazil: The Ultimate Itinerary

You have some well-deserved holiday time coming up and you fancy sampling the wonders of South America. Do you want to soak up the sun on soft golden beaches? Gaze at some of the world’s most iconic landmarks? Wander the streets of quaint colonial towns? Fortunately for you, this can all be done in a single one week trip to the south-eastern corner of Brazil.


Online South American travel agency Daytours4u and their network of destination brands have crafted a one week itinerary that promises untold authentic travel experiences in three stunning Brazilian highlights.

Three Days in São Paulo, Brazil’s Cosmopolitan Megacity

sao paulo

Its midday and you have just arrived in the mega metropolis of São Paulo (there are daily direct flights from New York, Chicago, London, Santiago, and Buenos Aires). Make yourself at home, get your bearings, and set off into the heart of the city. It’s worth mentioning here that São Paulo is simply massive – an intimidating concrete jungle that even the most ardent travellers find difficult to master, but don’t let that inhibit your intrepid impulses.

Begin your Brazilian adventure with a half day sãopaulo4u city tour. Take in the beauty of Ibirapuera Park, a fine piece of landscape architecture home to a collection of museums and performance spaces designed by renowned modernist Oscar Niemeyer. Amble down the famous Avenida Paulista; visit the imposing Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the largest neo-gothic structures in the world; and stop at the Mercado Municipal, a covered market specialising in exquisite edible delights. Go easy tonight with a quiet dinner in the trendy Vila Nova Conceição neighbourhood.

Day 2 and you can take things at a relaxing pace – stop by Beco do Batman (Batman’s Alley) and Beco do Aprendiz (Apprentice Alley) to marvel at the graffiti, head downtown to discover the city’s rich architectural offerings, and then call on the São Paulo Museum of Art for a glimpse at some truly wonderful art collections. In the evening, dine late as the locals do, and enjoy some live Brazilian music in one of the many bars or clubs.

There is no time to sleep in on your third day as you’re up early and out uncovering the wonderful nearby coastal attractions of Santos & Guarujá in the hands of sãopaulo4u. The Pearl of the Atlantic, as Guarujá is nicknamed, is a place of gorgeous white sands and makes for a perfect mini getaway from the big city – jump the waves and soak up some rays before travelling back to the city for another night of fine dining.

One Night in Paraty, Brazil’s Hidden Colonial Gem



The tranquil haven of Paraty is next on the agenda. The short journey eastwards along the Costa Verde is a joy in itself: weaving between mountainous rainforest with the azure blue waters of the Atlantic shimmering to the right. An array of fabulous accommodation options await in Paraty and instead of booking a hostel, why not take the opportunity to stay in a typical Brazilian pousada. The popularity of these boutique guesthouses has soared in recent years due to their individual uniqueness.

Settle in quickly and hit the Old Town where you can spend the whole afternoon dipping in and out of independent art galleries and admiring the centuries-old colonial architecture that remains tremendously well-preserved. Alternatively, if you fancy exploring the Mata Atlántica, reserve a place on the rdj4u Waterfalls Jeep Tour and soak in the beauty of this rich tropical paradise.

Three Days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Seductive Tropical Paradise

ipanema rio

Rio de Janeiro is an attack on the senses – the city offers pretty much everything a traveller could wish for. Begin with some sightseeing and a trip to the top of Corcovado Mountain where you will find the welcoming embrace of Christ the Redeemer. The statue is situated in the middle of Tijuca National Park, so once you are done glaring in awe at the vistas, take a stroll through the world’s largest urban forest and savour the sights and sounds.

Day 6 and the draw of Copacabana can no longer be resisted: don your most revealing swimsuit and plonk your body on the sun-kissed sands. Saunter over to a beachside kiosk when you get hungry and be sure to wash down whatever you eat with some cooling coconut water. As the sun starts to descend towards the horizon, make your way to the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain and simply stand in amazement as you watch the city come to life under the cover of darkness.

On your final day, it’s all systems go. Continue topping up your tan on the beaches of Ilha Grande, slip on your dancing shoes for a private samba class, cruise around the city on two wheels, or get adventurous with some ocean kayaking – whatever you do, don’t hold back, for tomorrow you are back to the humdrum realities of everyday life.

From São Paulo to Rio – an extraordinary journey.

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