It’s that time of year again where you’re looking for last minute Oktoberfest trips and when we all get a little bit overexcited over our love for beer. That’s right, Oktoberfest is on the horizon and it’s time to celebrate one of the world most famous and celebrated drinks. If you haven’t had the experience of a visit to the original home of Oktoberfest, Munich in Germany then now is the best time as if you’re on the hunt, you can find yourself a last minute Oktoberfest trip for cheap or even free.

Here’s our to get yourself booked on last minute Oktoberfest Trips

  • Search online for last minute Oktoberfest Trips
  • Use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to search for hashtags and then check out the websites of the tour operators or travel agencies who are offering Oktoberfest tour deals
  • Read blogs
  • Search tour operator websites for last minute Oktoberfest tour deals

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Choosing your Oktoberfest Tour Operator

Pick your Oktoberfest tour operator and look on their website or facebook pages for Oktoberfest Deals

Websites like Expedia offer great Oktoberfest flight and accommodation deals,, are also great places to look for last minute Oktoberfest package deals as they can often offer discounts when you book transport, accommodation and a tour.

Search for flights to Oktoberfest

Top tips for booking last minute Oktoberfest Trips

Look for the best tour operator suited to your personal preferences. Solo travellers come in many shapes, sizes, and backgrounds so it’s important to choose your Oktoberfest trip carefully. It’s pretty easy to make a mistake and your experience will be ruined. Alternatively, a little background checks into your tour operator and asking the right questions can set you up for a memorable experience.

People travelling with a group have a few options. If you book early you may be able to secure an Airbnb, otherwise, you may well be too late and only find expensive hotel options available in Munich. You can also look at surrounding towns as there will be a number of shuttle or bus services operating. And like many other European cities, Munich is well connected to by train so you may well be able to find somewhere within an hours travelling distance.

For people who are a little more adventurous, Stoke Travel have actually set up their own mini Oktoberfest aka Stoketoberfest which offers tent accommodation in Munich. Definitely a good option for budget-conscious travellers but be warned, sleep might not be something you do too much of here.

Oktoberfest fun

Recommended Oktoberfest Tour Operators for 18-39’s

If you’re looking for a tour that is culturally focused check out Travel Talk Tours Oktoberfest

If you’re looking for a tour that is back to basics, loads of fun and, let’s call it what it is, ‘booze fulled’ then check out Stoke Travel Oktoberfest aka Stoketoberfest.

Try your luck to win a trip to Oktoberfest

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