La Tomatina, Spain’s famous tomato battle, is the world’s biggest food fight. This crazy war of salad vegetables (fruit?) is waged in the streets of Buñol, just outside the city of Valencia. Discover the pleasure of throwing tomatoes at your friends and strangers, while dodging those hurled at you. And while we’re here, Stoke likes to use the opportunity to explore Valencia, Spain’s third biggest city. Parties, playas, paellas, oranges… Stoke’s La Tomatina includes massive Foreplay party with live performances, your stay in pre-erected twin share tents with mat and sleeping bag, or in a hotel, hot and hearty breakfast each morning, dinners on the 26th and 28th, transfers to and from the tomato fight, experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem, beach games and a bloody mary the morning of the tomato fight!


With Stoke Travel you’re treated to our beachside campsite, where we have our huge “Foreplay Party” the night before the fight, cook a giant paella (Valencia’s most well-known dish) for all of us to dine on, hit the sand for some beach games and splash around in the on-site pool. At the campsite, located along the coast just north of Valencia, there is a bar, shop and restaurant. Stoke also has our bar, where you can take advantage of unlimited beer and sangria for €10 extra. The night after the tomato fight we’ll load up the buses and take you to the optional official La Tomatina after party. You’ll be staying in twin-share, pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags, eating chef prepared breakfasts and dinners and meeting hundreds of like-minded travellers from all over the world (and preparing to throw tomatoes at them).

Your accommodation includes transfers to the Tomato fight and back again, experienced guides for the tomato fight and your stay in Valencia, and a Bloody Mary on the morning of the battle. There is also the option to party in the city of Requeña for the Water and Wine fight on the night before La Tomatina.

PRICE: €60| AU$ 95 | US$ 70 | £53 PER NIGHT

STOKE TRAVEL PASSPORT HOLDERS: Eligible for a 3-night all-inclusive stay.

Buñol, Spain | 26 – 30 August

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