Imagine spending your summer kayaking in the crystal clear waters of the Northern Dalmatian islands near Zadar, Croatia.

This corner of Eastern Europe offers picturesque coves, quaint fishing villages, a fantastic climate and an abundance of stunning natural beauty. Here you can discover Croatian culture at its best and learn about the local dolphin population on Molat island.


The Culture

Taking a kayaking tour of Croatia isn’t all just about paddling around, as there’s so much to see and do in the area that you’ll be keen to discover what the islands also have to offer.

The Zadar region has some spectacular landscapes and scenery. Geologically dating back to the Triassic Period, the area is a maze of beaches, coves, inlets of azure water and tall cliffs – you might feel like you’re in a painting, but it’s simply a work of art by Croatia’s nature.

What to do…

The warm climate and tranquil waters offer fantastic swimming and kayaking experiences. You could be kayaking up to an uninhabited island for an afternoon picnic and a few beers with nothing in sight but a few trees and an expanse of azure sea before you, or cruising up to a small fishing village, to sample amazing seafood, local honey or goats cheese – making it a real treat for the tastebuds.


Back to nature…

Other breathtaking sights to behold are shipwrecks, submarine caves, underground military tunnels and old Roman quarries. Animal lovers are bound to spot an abundance of goat, sheep and donkeys, as well as the many types of bird and fish native to the area. Spotting the endangered bottlenose dolphins playfully swimming amongst your kayaks is a favourite of travellers in the area, and you can also visit the Dolphin Research Centre.

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