With the European summer here, many of you eager travellers will be gearing up to go, and no doubt super excited. Be it for one week or three-months, the reality of packing for any trip can make you a little stressy to say the least. Most of us want pack everything but trying to fit it all in can be problematic even for the most experienced travellers… But don’t you get your little self into a hot and bothered mess just yet because we have you sorted! Here’s our key things to pack for a summer in Europe.

Bag Essentials

• We recommend a backpack. Why? Because they’re light, easy to carry and don’t get in your way
• A lock for your bag
• Packing cubes which will make your life so easy! They keep your bag organised and tidy which means there is no need for you go through and take out everything in your backpack to find just one thing.
• Laundry travel bag – a must when travelling through the European heat
• A day time backpack or any type of small bag that you can use whilst exploring


• Togs, bathers, swim wear – whatever you call it
• A towel – Handy for those beach days
• Undies! Pretty important we’d say. But you don’t need to go OTT on these, you can wash along the way
• Socks
• Waterproof jacket and or umbrella
• Shorts, dresses and/or skirts – Boys, you can wear a skirt if you please
• T-shirts and singlets
• Nice get-up for those nights out or dinner evenings
• Comfortable shoes for days exploring
• Jandals/flip flops/pluggers/thongs
• A sun hat
• Sunglasses


• Sunscreen
• Survival kit including paracetamol, plasters, hand-sanitiser and lip balm
• Toiletry bag with whatever you fancy – facial wipes, face wash, dry shampoo, hair wax, makeup, hair brush
• Shampoo and conditioner
• Toothpaste and toothbrush
• Deodorant – a must for that sweaty European heat. Ain’t got not time for stinking!

Technology Stuff

• A decent camera or phone to take those #instaworthy snaps
• SD card, because you’ll take so many photos, you’ll need more space. After all, you’ll be visiting some of Europe’s most visually appealing places
• Portable charger
• Headphones and some decent music
• European plug adapter

Pre-Flight Necessities

• A valid passport
• Flight reservation
• A copy of your travel insurance
• A copy of your tour booking
• I.D, perhaps a driver’s license. No-one wants to take their passport out on the town
**Hot Tip: Prior to leaving make sure you make copies of all important documents such as your passport, just in case an unfortunate incident happens

So, we think you’re all set for your European summer! Not booked anything for 2017 yet? Check out Travel Talk’s website for awesome deals!