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Green Toad Bus offer a number of fantastic travel passes taking you through all the must see destinations in South America. But this month we take a look at the Green Toad travel pass that takes you from the most northern tip of Chile, up through the snow-capped Andes and into Bolivia, where you make a magical journey across Salar de Uyuni – one of the most iconic destinations in the world.

The journey begins in San Pedro de Atacama, a vast desert in the north of Chile and a stunning expanse of rugged, otherworldly landscapes and spectacular scenery. This part of the country is a massive tourist draw for its staggering rock formations, as well as the positive energy and relaxed nature of San Pedro’s inhabitants who are said to benefit from the high quantity of quartz and copper in the region.

“Included in the travel pass is a three day and two night salt-flat jeep tour…”

After exploring the charming centre of the town, jump on the green toad bus and venture northwards and upwards, high into the Andes mountain range and across the Bolivian border to begin your Salt flat adventure.

Included in the travel pass is a three day and two night salt-flat jeep tour, where you are guided around this expansive landscape and can enjoy stunning views of majestic volcanoes, colourful lakes lagoons, geysers and of course the salt flats themselves all from the comfort of your jeep.

Whilst the salt flats are the main draw to Salar de Uyuni and perhaps the most well-known and photographed location in Bolivia, the surrounding landscapes are un-paralleled in their natural beauty and so 3 days is the ideal amount of time to take this all in.

The incredible location and sense of adventure is added to by the altitude –a staggering 3,656 meters above sea level and the unique wildlife you can spot from your jeep. Expect to see flamingos, Andean foxes and the curly tailed visacachas.

After three days of spectacular scenery, the green toad bus begins its descent from the high plains of the Andes and takes you to the sprawling urban metropolis of La Paz. Here you couldn’t be much further from the serenity of the salt flats – with the city’s urban air and chaotic architecture, all still at a dizzying height above sea level. Whilst the hustle and bustle of the city is somewhat intimidating at first, after getting to know the de facto capital, it is clear the Bolivian city of La Paz has real charm, character and charisma – a truly unique destination.

This travel pass covers 3 exceptionally unique destinations and totally differing landscapes:

Experience the dry heat of the desert, the stunning landscapes at Salar de Uyuni, and the urban metropolis of La Paz and jump on the Green Toad Bus for just US$302. Green Toad Bus Tours are also offering BBM Live readers this great discount on bus tours across South America for travel up to the end of 2016. You can secure a fantastic 15% off their South American bus tours when you book before 20th May!

What else is on offer?

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The next phase of the tour takes group members to Paraty to enjoy its rich history and culture. Moving towards Sao Paulo allows travellers to enjoy a night out in one of the world’s biggest cities then nursing hangovers on the beaches of Florianopolis. Ending the trip in Puerto Iguazu, the group see one of the world’s natural beauties, the Iguazu falls and rainforest. Travellers are allowed to reverse the order of this trip if they wish.

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