Croatia and Greece both boast lush landscapes and stunning coastlines, but which is best for a sailing holiday? It can be challenging choosing between the two, but we’ve compared the best Sailing tours and the destinations to help make your sailing adventure this summer a little easier.

Both countries are popular when it comes to sailing holidays. Croatia offers a unique culture, sunshine and unique architecture. With Greece having all that but after review, we found that the Sea’s in Greece were often too choppy and Sailing operators were reluctant to actual sail, which is not ideal. So why choose Greece or “Sailing in Croatia“?

We introduce you to Sail Beats. Sail Beats is a truly unique tour experience that launched in Greece in 2017 and has now set up in Croatia for summer 2018. Bringing together the experience of being at Sea with the comfort of a stunning 32 bed yacht and talks of more boats joining soon.

Sailing in Croatia

Made up of over 1,000 islands, Croatia is a country rich in history. With Venetian style buildings and seafood galore, you will end up one cultured sailor. Plus Croatia was host to Game of Thrones. What more do you want? More…. Festivals. Croatia has been fast becoming a new Ibiza with boutique bars, exclusive events and huge world class festivals including Exit, Sonus, Ultra, Love International and many more.


Greece is known for its sailing prestige, and it is prestigious for a reason. When you think of touring around the med, most people think of island hopping around Greece’s delightful islands but be prepared for culture and time on the islands as there’s a wealth of history and culture to take in. Mykonos and Santorini have their pulls and rightly so, with unique bars, picturesque views of Santorini and Mykonos’ growing underground music scene with beach clubs like Scorpios making a global mark for themselves.