Take the tempo down a notch and chill at a beach camp in Ibiza for as long as you like.

What do a dread-headed bongo drumming hippie, a world famous DJ and a raving study-abroader have in common? The love of the beat. And in Ibiza the beats are uninterrupted, ever-flowing, constantly playing out the rhythm of life on the island to the sun-worshipers, the fist-pumping clubbers, the wood-whittling traders and the Euro-family holiday-makers.

This is the island to go to for a bit of everything incredible. Known for its famous club and DJ scene and as a paradise for the rich and the famous, Ibiza’s other more chilled side is sometimes overlooked. The picture-perfect coves that are best seen from the back of a scooter, the full moon beach parties with fire dancers and live music, the family resort towns with water activities and restaurants galore, the beachside campsites where life takes on a slower pace and the wallet doesn’t burn such a hole in the pocket.

Ibiza Beach Camp 2016

Ibiza’s chilled side is often overlooked

In the last year, one company has decided to take Ibiza back to its chilled, hippie roots. The Stoke Travel Co. launched their Ibiza beach camp in 2015 in an attempt to provide affordable accommodation and allow people to stay in Ibiza for longer periods and really enjoy the fruits the island has to offer. There are other campsites on the island, but Stoke is the only provider of camping equipment, food, yoga lessons and unlimited beer and sangria, so it makes a cheap flight with only carry on luggage and cheap accommodation a real possibility.

What this means for the savvy traveler is that they can afford to stay longer, to absorb the real spirit of the island, to see all its beauties and to slow down a bit and actually relax. Of course, if chilling is not your thing and you want to see Ibiza through a frenzied lens of substance-induced psychedelia, raging from one club to another to an after party to an after-after-party to a beach party to wake up with a face full of sand having had the time of your life that you remember only in blurry Polaroid snaps of your epic adventure, that’s cool too. If you want to alternate this with some soul-rehab, you can do this too. The beauty of it is that you move to your own tempo.


You can move to your own tempo

Time is the most valuable resource when traveling (oh and passports and cash and wet wipes) and Ibiza beats all other islands as the place where you would actually want to stay a while. Beat the game and ingest Ibiza. Don’t you think it’s time?

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by Lisa Parsons