Looking for cheap winter sun holidays in Morocco, then we’ve found the perfect cheap winter getaway for you to help you chase the sunshine.

Cheap Winter Sun Holidays In Morocco

As summer cools off across Europe and the temperatures being to drop, you might find yourself feeling washed-up, worn out and a little bit cold. Never fear – your health doesn’t have to continue fading and neither does your tan. Follow the beautiful surfer-people as they chase the sun (and the waves) over to Morocco on Africa’s north coast.

Learn to surf or impress everyone with your shredding. Practice yoga on the beach, or sun bake and spy on the downward-dogs from behind your Ray Bans. Go cliff jumping in the aptly named Paradise Valley, or go jumping cuties in felt hats. Dry-out after a summer of drinking or get wet at a Hammam bathhouse. Watch the sun setting over the Sahara and the Atlantic, as the town of Agadir comes to life with locals swapping the day’s stories. Come the weekend, wind through mountains of spices and local wares in the Souk. You can experience all this (or less, you do you) without throwing out your budget.

Fly into Agadir and you’ll find the Stokies waiting for you at our Taghazout Surf Palace, a mere 30-minute bus ride away. It’s hostel-style accommodation on the water’s edge, with panoramic views across the bay. €400 will get you 6 nights’ stay (anytime between October 17-25) and includes 3 meals a day, surf lessons and hire, plus those trips to the Souk, the bath-house and Paradise Valley. Don’t have a week to spare? Join us for a weekend (€200) from October 20-23, or email info@stoketravel.com to discuss your options.

Don’t go home pasty and packing extra kilos. Marinate back to health in Mother Earth’s salty womb. Relax that summer of partying away with Stoke.

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