La Tomatina Festival 2016

Held in Valencia, Spain every year, La Tomatina festival is the world’s biggest food fight.

It’s at this annual event that hundreds of people pelt each other with tomatoes for some very messy fun.

The proceedings are kicked off with five bulbous, tomato-filled rockets being launched into the air creating a rain of crimson pulp to get the ball rolling. It’s then that the clock starts ticking and you have exactly one hour to join in in the tomato throwing frenzy.

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La Tomatina Festival Info

La Tomatina Festival takes place on the last Wednesday of every August at the Valencian town of Buñol. Although no one is entirely sure how the festival began, it’s thought that the festival originated in 1945 during an annual parade of the giants (which are massive papier maché costumes) which ended in a scuffle as one of the giants was knocked to his feet during the parade by a group of youngsters and started lashing out at everyone around him. In their defence the scamps started hurling tomatoes at him until the police arrived.

Whatever the origin of this festival, today it stands as a world renowned cultural event attracting thousands of tourists.

Things to do in Valencia

Although the festival lasts but one day it’s the perfect opportunity to explore Valencia by day and by night – a few points of interest being Valencia Old Town, the world-class aquarium the city of Arts & Sciences as well as the many stunning city-side beaches.

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