Southern Thailand was the place to go 20-30 years ago but has since become a seething tourist trap, where westernised holiday meccas have suppressed the local vibe. If you have one drop of adventure in your blood you should seriously consider a trip through Cambodia and Vietnam. Steeped in a war-torn past, Vietnam and Cambodia only reached destination status in more recent times. Not only do these countries offer tasty cuisine, vibrant markets, fascinating history and spectacular geographic wonders, they also boast a stunning coastline with beautiful sandy beaches to rest and relax.

Cambodia is famous for its friendly people, seafood specialties and we can’t forget to mention Angkor Wat temples where Tomb Raider was filmed. Vietnam offers dramatic geography, national parks, crafts and fresh cuisine. These interesting countries offer so much diversity to an open minded traveller that as soon as you arrive you’ll be wishing you’d come for longer.

If you want to maximise your time in these countries and minimise all the research and admin required to find out what to do and most importantly ‘how to get there’, then you should check out Stray’s hop-on hop-off adventure travel passes.

What is Hop-on Hop-off?

A hop-on, hop-off travel pass gives you total flexibility to jump off the bus anywhere along the Stray route and explore to your heart’s content, before jumping back on again when you’re ready to move along. With passes valid for up to 12 months, you can travel at your own leisure

• Easy, hassle free travel so you can focus on having a good time
• Fully flexible so you can hop off and do what you want, when you want
• Driver Guides offer great advice and local insights to ensure you get more out of your trip
• Adventures into ‘off the beaten track’ destinations that you wouldn’t otherwise know about
• Meet people like you and share the journey
• Accommodation: Stray will reserve you a bed at every overnight stop so it’s all sorted for you. Simply pay as you go based on the type of room you want. *
• Activities: We have all the information and great recommendations on what to do and where to go at each destinations. Best of all your Driver can book this for you from the road. *
∗Flexi Tour Upgrades: Get your entire trip sorted including accommodation and activities by upgrading your Pass to a Flexi Tour. Retain all the flexibility of a guided travel pass, but gain all the benefits of a tour by having all the extra details organized for you. Twin and Single room option are available.
‘Moc Bai’ Travel Pass Highlights: Vietnam & Cambodia

With Stray’s Moc Bai Travel Pass you can experience Cambodia and Vietnam with one fully flexible guided pass. You will meet travellers like you, also looking to have a great time and feel confident you will get good advice and access to some of the best destinations on offer.



• Spend a day in Siem Reap exploring Angkor Wat, the UNESCO World Heritage Ruins made famous as the movie set of Tomb Raider and voted one of the world’s most iconic landmarks
• Overnight in a remote village homestay and experience the local’s way of life in a rural community and ride the bamboo train, Battambang
• Visit floating villages and be amazed by all the weird and wonderful delicacies on offer the local markets
• Trek through the Bokor National Park
• Hideaway on Koh Tunsay, an island with plentiful with fresh seafood and stunning beaches
• Learn about the Khmer Rouge at the very sobering S21 Prison and Killing Fields, Phnom Penh


• Weave through some of the 200kms of Cu Chi Tunnels, used by the Viet Khong during the war, Ho Chi Minh City
• Hire a mountain bike, to enjoy some of the stunning scenery and sample delicious locally grown coffee, Da Lat
• Spend time in a quaint fishing village, learn the art of paddling a round boat and soak into a slower pace of life, Bai Xep
• Take a tour of the Vietnamese countryside by motorbike and visit the intricate Citadel and Forbidden Purple City, Hue
• Explore the impressive National Park of Phong Nha. Swim in pristine rivers and explore impressive caves, including one of the largest caves in the world, Phong Nha
• Often referred to as the ‘Halong Bay’ of the land, take a traditional boat trip in Trang An Grottoes, Ninh Binh
• Get excited in Hanoi by the eclectic blend of East verse West. Walk its web of buzzing streets and feel the energy of the city, Hanoi
• And so much more…

View the full Moc Bai Pass itinerary here, or check out Stray’s current specials.