As the Bank Holiday weekend approaches, we start to review all the best things going on at the two day carnival, from the vibrant floats, performers, music, entertainment and mouth watering cuisines. The carnival is famous for the great street parties and you’ll want to make sure that you visit the most buzzing ones. So, check out the best Notting Hill Carnival sound systems and where they will be located during the event.

Pineapple Tribe

Bringing the familiar techno/upbeat sounds to the carnival again, for more than ten years and after all those years you’d think that they would lose their appeal. Nothing of the kind! The fact that Pineapple Tribe have been back for over ten years just proves what a big crowd drawer they are and with last year’s Brixton Jamm event being a massive success you can expect more of the same this year

I-Spy Soundsystem

With Norman Jay taking the year off, I-Spy Soundsystem have snapped up the opportunity to cover his spot at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival. Compared to a majority of the acts these guys are fresh faces and they’re sure to bring the classic reggae vibes to the ‘Good Times’ spot left vacant by Norman Jay. To enjoy this performance head just south of Kensal Road.

Sax Sound

Here’s your biggest name in Reggae sound systems! Your award winning sound system was given the title 21 years ago of the Number One Sound System in the World at the World Cup Clash which was their best public recognition. Make your way over to St Lawrence Terrace so that you are part of the electric atmosphere created by the audience who feed off the reggae selection and the banging mixing skills.


Master MC is the front man of the group with DJ Ricky and DJ Lady Misstify making up the rest of the line up. You can find these great DJs blasting out a wide range of tunes. From the smooth beats of the 70s to even giving major international super star Justin Timberlake, Rapattack have a great blend of music for you carnival goers to really enjoy. All Saints Road will be welcoming a secret US