The Beats Travellers

If you love music and travel, you’ve come to the right place. As a Beats Traveller you get the opportunity to experience a new generation of travelling by combining your love for music and culture in unique locations around the world. Unlike other travel companies we revolve wholeheartedly around music, festivals, and working with renowned artists and DJs from around the globe. Think exclusive parties, cult nightclubs and underground music events.

Beats Travel Tour Croatia

The Crew

Beats Travel is a crew of avid travellers and music enthusiasts, who saw a gap between the two, and decided to bring music touring to life as the next generation of travelling. The crew consists of experienced tour guides with extensive knowledge of each and every destination, along with DJs, photographers, videographers and event planners, all with one thing in common, a love of a unique party, and sharing this passion with everyone.

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From The Moment You Arrive…

From the moment you arrive on your Beats Travel experience you will  be immersed in the local cuisine, dancing in the hidden bars, chatting to the locals about their favourite tunes and finding yourself off the beaten track. You will join exclusive parties thrown by our team featuring our extensive network of talented DJs, and show you each country as it is seen from off the beaten track.

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Are you a Beats Traveller?

The old saying goes your vibe attracts your tribe, but what if there is a tribe that attracts your vibe, a tribe that hates clichés. Does your world revolve around music, and are your thoughts consumed with finding every last beat that is hidden round the globe? Welcome to the dark side. The side where you love a deep, dirty bass line and hearing it in places where you loose yourself, with no idea where you are, but don’t care because you have no desire to leave just yet.

Beats Travel at Sonus Festival

We include more

’Where do I stay?’, ’How do I get there?’, ’Is it safe?’, ’I don’t know anyone’. Whatever you need, we have it covered. We include all your essentials. Accommodation, travel arrangements, festival tickets are all included in our incredible experience. We will do our very best to make this the most exciting, emotional, easy-going and stress free as possible.

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