Wanting to travel in small groups or independently, Intrepid Travel gives everyone the chance to visit all four corners of the world, covering Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Antarctica. With the choice of what kind of travelling experience you want, whether it is physical or relaxing, Intrepid Travel promises you’ll have a life changing experience that fits you.

Whatever you want, Intrepid Travel gives you all the exquisite and fascinating things whilst giving you the adventure you are seeking. Full of activities, both included and add-ons, such as hiking through parts of the Australian jungle to seeing Killer Whales in Antarctica or just relaxing on blissful Mediterranean beaches. With the opportunity to see the world in different ways such as travelling by bike, car or boat, there’s everything for you.

Some trips running up to 112 days, everyone has the chance to see the unseen beauties of each country that many tourists miss. Along the way, you can build close friendships and memories because of people travelling solo or in small groups; everyone will have the chance to have an entertaining and enriching journey.

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