What could be better than Oktoberfest! Travelling to Oktoberfest with Stoke Travel of course! Don’t miss out on one of the biggest festivals of the year!

Meet us at Duivendrecht train station in Amsterdam. We’re also picking up customers at Eindhoven Central Station. Once you’ve hopped on Stoke’s private sleeper bus it’s off to the Stoke festival campsite in Munich. Stoke does this festival like no other. You are guaranteed to be scampering about in your lederhosen having a ball in no time! Eat, sing, dance on tables and prost those steins! Each day will be a massive carnivalesque celebration that will leave you tons of new friendships and a whole collection of unforgettable memories.

The Amsterdam to Oktoberfest trip has multiple dates to choose from providing you with lots of flexibility to plan your trip. The dates are September 14-17, 21-24 and September 28 – October 1. It is priced at € 210 and its all inclusive! With this trip you get transportation there and back, accommodation, meals, stoke guides, and so much more!

Pick-ups from other locations include Barcelona, Prague, Budapest, London, Paris and Italy. For more info and to book visit stoketravel.com