So you thought all there was to Ibiza were high-rise hotels and hordes of Manchester lads bingeing on cheap alcohol. Think again. The Balearic Island ten times the size of Manhattan actually boasts beautiful beaches and bundles of exciting alternatives to making regrettable decisions on San Antonio’s strip. Read and learn, children…

For the spiritually-inclined out there Ibiza offers a wide range of healing retreats and meditation workshops. Practice yoga on the stunning Benirras beach near Port de San Miquel, a local favourite on the little-explored north-end of the island. Ibiza has a long history of attracting healers due to its magnetic energies and good-vibes. So it comes as no surprise that Reiki, the Japanese healing art, is increasingly popular in Ibiza with several wellness retreats scattered around the island.

Head to Punta Arabi to satisfy your shopping needs at the Hippy Market near Es Canar, and browse the unique craft clothing, jewellery, decor and organic cosmetics, not to mention the delicious food stalls, featuring everything from homemade pizzas to fresh seafood paella.

If you are looking for more action-packed things to do in Ibiza, why not experience the island from the pad of a kayak, on any of the tours based in Sant Josep. Alternatively, head inland to Horse Valley Ibiza, the horse rehabilitation centre near Sant Joan de Labrinja. The unique sanctuary saves and houses mistreated horses and offers riding treks from two hours up to two days, featuring private boating, spas, scuba-diving and more.

Back in Port de San Miquel, history buffs, or anyone looking to see something strange and beautiful, can explore the 100,000 year-old Can Marca Caves, the former smugglers’ hideout, now open to tours, complete with cliff-side views and eerily illuminated waterfalls.

Best bit? No hangover. Now go have fun.

By Sarah Morland

Image courtesy of Ibiza Horse Valley