As we hurtle toward the end of 2016 there’s just one thing on our mind, and that’s summer 2017 holidays! Make sure you check out Sail in Greece for 2017 holiday deals.

Sailing Holidays Summer 2017 Holiday Deals

If you’ve already got itchy feet about wanting to make the most of the European summer in 2017 then you’ll be pleased to know that Sail In Greece have got you covered.

Combining touring and exploring with sun soaked days, how does island hopping around Greece’s coastline sound to you? On board Sail In Greece’s island hopping cruises you can wake up after a night on the tiles in some of the Greek Island’s premier party islands and jump straight into the Mediterranean to blast off your hangover. Spend the days swimming, kayaking and exploring the islands of Ios, Mykonos, Paros and the stunning Santorini, all whilst sampling the fantastic Greek cuisine.

The good food isn’t just reserved for terra firma however! On board Sail In Greece’s yachts and ships you can expect to start your day with a delicious and filling breakfast including seasonal fruits, freshly baked bread and Greek pies.

If chilling out whilst listening to some fantastic beats and topping up your tan is your thing, then relaxing on the ship’s sun deck whilst downing a few fresh cocktails is also something you’ll find readily available whilst on a Sail in Greece Tour.

Sail In Greece operate a variety of tours to suit whatever you’re after – the Yolo Yachting tour is perfect for those of you who are after a tour alongside a group of friends, whereas the Yolo Cruise will bring you together with a whole bunch of new people for a proper party cruise around the Greek Islands. If time is of the essence you can even try out their 1 day booze cruise from Athens.

With some of the most stunning scenery to experience in Europe, cruising around the Greek Islands doesn’t sound too bad for summer 2017.