Throughout history cruises and sailing for recreation has been increasing in popularity. At the start, people used small boats to travel to other communities for trade or hunting and would some of their time to relax and enjoy their time. As humanity moved past a requirement for the need to sail to survive the creating of cruising solely for recreation started to grow. In antiquity it was only the rich or royalty would have the time or expense to spend time relaxing onboard a ship.

Modern days has seen a rise in cruises become popular for people from all walks of life. The rise has given way for different types of cruises to be created, as originally cruises were commonly thought of as the huge ocean liners that travelled the world. However, some parts of the world have created new types of cruises. Turkey is one of these countries that is growing in popularity for different types of cruises, one of these uses a traditional style boat, the gulet.

The gulet was originally a working boat, it may have done a variety of jobs from delivering cargo, being used as a fishing trawler or diving for the, at the time, rare sea sponge. These classic boats have been replaced by modern vehicles or their job is done by land or air, unlike many other traditional ways of working the gulet has not been forgotten. Today the gulet can be seen as much or more than in history, although they are now luxurious and comfortable as to take passengers on a cruise to sails the Turquoise Coast and visit coves and islands.

Although modern gulets have seen a modernisation and change to their roles, the captains and crew often maintain the design and maintenance as the sailors of old would have done. In many cases when the gulet gets refurbished or they need to do maintenance the crew will be trained and even the captain will join in the work. This care by the crew adds a feeling of loving to the gulets which have been said to make the beauty of the boasts even better.

Cruises in Turkey have a wide variety of destinations from stunning coves and beautiful island to historical ruins as well as Greek islands. Gorgeous harbour towns are the start of any great holiday aboard a cruise along the coast of Turkey.


Fethiye is a beautiful harbour town with easy connections to many popular places in the region. Oludeniz Blue Lagoon is a short journey from Fethiye, with two choices on how to visit, those who are not taking a cruise can take public transport or drive. Many choose to visit Oludeniz while taking a cruise from Fethiye to Olympos. Alaturka Cruise offers a range of gulet designed for almost any budget to enjoy this holiday, and other options to try, and get to see parts of Turkey that many do not get the chance. Fethiye cruises sail to many destinations, Olympos, Marmaris, Kekova, and many others. While the destination offers a variety of places to visit, there are also other great harbour towns that offer different holidays.


At first glance, Bodrum appears to be a quiet harbour town, with beautiful scenery and friendly people. The harbour here offers coastal cruises visiting coves and places with historical significance, but they offer cruises to the Greek Dodecanese island chain. These islands have stories that sit all the way back in Greek Mythology, such as the war of the Gods, Hercules and even stories of ancient Greek kings and heroes. These islands also are filled with non-fiction history, such as Kos where the original Hippocratic Oath was created at one of the ancient leading medical centres.

No matter where you travel on the Turquoise Coast, either by land or sea, there is a multitude of beautiful scenery, inspiring stories or fascinating history. Although some of these best destinations can only be reached by water, the cruises offer single day journey or multiday holidays which make them one of the best ways to explore this land of adventure.