When you think of Spanish cuisine, you think Tapas. Spain delivers the weird and the wonderful but more than anything, the Spanish bring forward simplistic flavours which are explosively delicious! If you have no idea what you are in store for; Here Are 5 Spanish dishes That Takes Tapas to the Next Level.

5 Spanish Dishes That Takes Tapas to the Next Level

Fabada Asturiana

Chorizo is also a fundamental ingredient in Asturias’ famous dish of fabada, as well as morcilla, which can be likened to black pudding. This is a spanish mother’s hearty white-bean stew but regardless of where you are from, this dish will have you dying for seconds!

everyone loves chorizo

Jamón Ibérico

Spain produces a staggering 40 million legs of hams a year. It’s fair to say that by now, they have truly mastered this craft. You can walk into any social establishment and sure enough you’ll find a glorious leg of ham on display. On request, bar staff or waiters will cut succulent slices and give you the experience of Spain’s most famous and mastered taste.

leg of ham rack
leg of ham from spain

Pulpo a la Gallega

Boiled octopus with paprika, sea salt, and olive oil. To the Spanish this is a given snack but to tourists, seeing an octopus on your plate can be quite the surprise. Consider however, that the Spanish know taste and they quite possibly know it better than anyone else. Tuck in and be prepared for food bliss.


octopus ready for the boil


Basically, Albondigas is Spanish Meatballs and it is absolutely heavenly. This is a popular dish all over Spain for good reason. If you are ordering Tapas then Albondigas has a rightful spot on your table which, amongst the Spanish, goes without saying.


spanish meatballs
Spanish meatballs


Gazpacho is a Spanish tomato soup which is not only famous for its incredible taste that is formed by complete simplicity, Gazpacho is a cool refreshment. Thats right, its served cold! But when the sun of Seville is beaming against your forehead, you’ll understand why this dish is on every single table in every single restaurant.

tomato soup
fresh and cool tomato soup

Now there’s no excuse, when you get to Spain, you’ll know exactly where to start on your food tasting adventure with these top 5 Spanish Dishes Which Takes Tapas to the Next Level.

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